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Updated: Apr 21, 2023

I’ve been meaning to start this blog again but there was always an excuse. I’m so happy I finally made time to sit down and just gather all my thoughts.

I feel like I have so much to say and not enough space- so what’s better than creating my own space for it. Since my last blog our online fam has grown a lot. But even I’ve grown. So I feel like an introduction is MUCH needed.

My name is Aami. I’m a Canadian American Indian girl living in the beautiful city of Atlanta. I grew up moving from place to place to eventually calling Georgia my forever home. I recently went viral for DIYing my Indian wedding where I highlighted that DIY is possible and you can still get everything you wanted but more affordable. DIY is just a small part of my list of passions.

I’d definitely say my biggest passion is home design- to the point where I’ve started a design service and designed for over 41 clients across the nation which sounds insane to say! As of now, I am taking a break to focus on my health and just enjoy life a little bit more.

Each month of 2023 I’ve focused on improving different aspects of my life. I realized I was focusing all my energy on giving and giving to others all while neglecting my one person I should've been focusing on. I started slowing down, focused more on being present, incorporated more healthy eats vs always running after junk food, started moving my body, and then gave the rest of my energy to my relationships from my husband, family, and to my friends.

This year, I want to keep sharing my passions, my DIYs, my core memory moments of my day or in general, telling my stories, and finding the love in all the little things.

I have so much more I want to tell and share with yall so I can’t wait to keep writing more and more.

Til next time,


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